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about us

Our founder Henrik Tidefjärd was named as one of the three most important guides you should know on the planet by Forbes Magazine. After moving to Berlin in 2001 and founding Berlinagenten in 2004, Henrik is acclaimed as the man with his finger on Berlin’s throbbing cultural pulse. He made international headlines in 2005 after taking American Pie starlet Tara Reid to the notorious KitKatClub, while Madonna entrusted Henrik to show her daughter Lourdes around Berlin in 2012.

A true cosmopolitan, Swedish-born Henrik has also lived in London and Barcelona and roams the world’s trendiest new destinations as a cool hunter. He speaks four languages, holds a master degree in International Marketing and made his name working in the hotel, restaurant, tourism and marketing industries.

Henrik has an in-depth knowledge of Berlin, a wealth of international experience and a diverse network of contacts across a range of industries in the city. Supported by local partners and a highly knowledgeable, personality-led, guide team, Berlinagenten offers innovative tours and programmes that showcase Berlin at its most exciting and authentic.